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Arizona Free Enterprise Club Attacks Jamie / Family

On Friday October 18, 2014, the campaign received via certified U.S. Mail, a copy of a mailer in opposition to Jamie’s campaign for the Glendale City Council.  The accompanying letter read in part, “Please be advised that in accordance with the above-cited statute, the Arizona Free Enterprise Club has produced a mailer in opposition to your candidacy in the upcoming election.  A copy is enclosed.”  The letter was not signed.  We believe the mailer will be in hundreds of mailboxes across the Ocotillo District over the next few of days.  We are certain there is more to come because the Arizona Free Enterprise Club is spending at least $5000.00, or maybe even more, to attack Jamie.

One of the most despicable I have ever seen, the mailer attacks Jamie for something thousands of Arizonans, and millions of Americans, experienced during the recent downturn in the economy.  It also attacks his wife Monica, and his entire family, for exercising their rights under the laws of our great nation.  Attacked for something that was lawful, and done on the advice of legal counsel.

Based upon the many hate-filled, and obscenity laced, telephone messages Jamie, and other family members, have received since his campaign began from supporters of the incumbent, we are not surprised at what was produced by the ‘Dark Money’ Arizona Free Enterprise Club.  It is not hard to figure out how the information used in the mailer was obtained.

Jamie Aldama is a big boy, and understands he is a public figure. However, his family members are not public figures.  Attacking, and holding up to public ridicule his wife and family like this is wrong and should be immediately rebuked by the incumbent.  Failure to do so shows she approves of this kind of dirty politics, and her true character.

I encourage you to share this with your friends and family, particularly in the Ocotillo District.

You can make a positive change in the Ocotillo District.  Vote Jamie Aldama for Glendale City Council!

Thank you. 

Chuck Foy,
Campaign Manager

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