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Aldama Campaign Rebukes Zomok/Hernandez Lies

In what can only be described as sour grapes, former Ocotillo candidates Michael Hernandez and Bud Zomok concocted a letter they later sent to apparently every elected official they could think of in an attempt to remove Jamie from the ballot.  The letter was full of accusations, not a one of which is true.  And of all things, the Glendale Star published the letter without checking the truthfulness of the allegations.

In order to put this to rest, the Aldama campaign obtained the following statement from Teresa M. Toney, M.P.A. Manager, Office of Public Stewardship for the Maricopa County Community College District (MCCCD), "MCCCD does not have policy language that would prohibit its employees from serving in a publicly elected office. We (MCCCD) are a separate political subdivision."


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