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Public Safety

  • I am keenly aware of the issues facing our public safety professionals in the Police and Fire Departments.  The hiring of more public safety personnel will not necessarily make us safer.  Strategic hiring and placement of personnel and resources will make us safer.
  • Our Police and Fire departments are ‘coping’ with bare minimum staffing levels, and in some cases, response times to life and death incidents are below nationally accepted standards.  
  • Working with the Fire and Police Departments, I hope to address immediate priorities, to include ‘boots on the ground.’  We must also address needed support personnel, equipment, and facilities.

  • It is easy for any politician to say he or she supports Public Safety.  It is entirely different to say one supports Public Safety Personnel.  I support both and will do everything possible to see that Glendale has the best equipped, best supported, and best paid Police and Fire Departments in Arizona.

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